The Bizarre Penis Museum

“Somebody had to do it,” he replied each time someone asked why he began collecting penises from all types and sizes. The character is Sigurdur Hjartarson, owner of the first and only museum of penises in the world, located in Iceland, which already has more than 200 penises of almost all mammalian species, land and sea, of the Icelandic fauna.

penis museum

Hjartarson founded the museum in 1974 when he received the donation from the first specimen: the penis of a bull. He thought that someone had to collect together, display, and teach about the Falology “in an organized and scientific” way. The museum’s largest penis measured is 1.70 meters and weighs 70 kilos! The owner of this attribute could not be more than a sperm whale, a species of whale. At the other extreme, the smallest penis of his collection measured only 2 millimeters and belongs to a hamster.

“Falology is very interesting because no one has seriously studied it until now. His field of study is comprehensive and covers all matters relating to the phallus, like the phallic, eroticism, etc., “says Hjartarson. And that accounts for 60% of those interested in this unusual study are nothing more and nothing less than women, while 70% of those who come to learn this science are foreigners.

strange penises

Most species that are in the museum are donated, according Hjartarson. “I just paid by the penis of an elephant in South Africa,” reports, and note that the last specimen that had belonged to an enormous walrus who died on the beach a few weeks ago.

strange penis

The museum has no human penis because, according Hjartarson, “I do not feel able to collect them” Although stresses that it has exposure in the foreskin of a 40-year-old Icelander and a pair of testicles of a man of 50. Both Icelanders donated parts and currently has four letters of donation of human penis, which will receive the day when these men die.

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